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Fast Set epoxy is VOC free, UV resistant and has a heat tolerance of 500°

Fast Set is great for first and second layers of your artwork.  You can add another layer after 1-1/2 to 2 hours.  Fast Set’s low smell and clear formula make this pleasant to work with.

Fast Set is a fast curing resin.  *Which means even though it contains maximum UV inhibitors, it can amber faster than normal curing resins in comparable conditions.  It is not recommended for use on light colored bases.*

Determine how much epoxy you’ll need, prepare your work area and have your tools ready.  After mixing you’ll have somewhere between 5-10 minutes before the epoxy becomes unworkable.

FDA Compliant Resin- Complies with FDA 21 CFR 175.300

(Please see “How to Use” tab below for full instructions).

8 oz, 32oz, 1/2 gal, 1 gal kit.

*Not recommended for molds.*

Fast Set Epoxy

  • What temperature does Fast Set work best in? Fast Set works best in temperatures between 70-75 degrees F.

    What is the working time of Fast Set? After mixing you’ll have somewhere between 5-10 minutes before the epoxy becomes unworkable. You can get the most worktime by observing these tips:
    Don’t warm Fast Set before or during mixing
    Mix in a wide container with as much surface area as possible
    Don’t mix too long
    Mix slower. Friction causes heat
    Don’t let it sit…mix it and apply it

    How long is the cure time? Fast Set will cure to the touch in 1-1/2 to 2 hours and fully cure in 24 hours. If shipping, it is recommended to wait at least 72 hours.

    Fast Set is FDA compliant and VOC free, it is made for pours less than 1/4? thick.

    How does it react to the heat? Fast Set is heat resistant up to 500° F.  You should not expose Fast Set to prolonged heat sources, this could amber the resin. For example: hanging a piece directly over a fireplace where it is exposed to long periods of high heat.

    How can I get rid of bubbles?  Torch the resin with the recommended torch.

    Can I use a hairdryer or heat gun to pop bubbles in poured resin? A hairdryer or heat gun may not produce sufficient heat to pop bubbles in this resin. We recommend using an automatic lighting torch attachment with a propane canister. Even a small artist torch may not provide enough heat to pop bubbles. (See official FAQ page for picture/product reference and additional FAQs!)

    My resin got really hot and clumpy. Resin cures by heat- when you mix up resin you should pour it immediately onto your work. If you leave a mass of mixed resin in a container, it will build up heat rapidly and it also dramatically reduces working time. (See FAQs page for full answer.)

    Is Fast Set FDA compliant? Yes, all of our resins are FDA compliant (FDA 21 CFR 175.300).

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