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Printed permanent vinyl is a great way to customize many projects. The craft possibilities are endless!!

Size: 12x12 Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

Quality Rating: Premium Grade Vinyl

Seamless Pattern: YES


Vinyl Finish Types - 

Opaque - This will be printed onto a white color vinyl so you will not be able to see through the vinyl once it's applied. All prints default to opaque unless there is an alternative option in a dropdown menu. If no dropdown menu is present, that vinyl is automatically opaque.

Transparent - This will be printed onto a clear vinyl so when you apply your vinyl, you will be able to see completely through it. This is best applied to a light base so the image can be clearly seen. Applying transparent images to a white glitter base will make these look glittery as well.

Semi-Trasnparent - This will be printed onto a clear vinyl, but the image itself will have a white printed background while the rest will be totally clear. This means that these can be applied to any background color. 

106 Gamer Mode

SKU: 52508806
  • Vinyl Sheets will ship flat whether they're ordered individually or with other products in the shop. 

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